Saturday, February 27, 2010

I always feel like somebody's watching me . . .

In the past two years my husband and I have completely switched places with our driving records : he has not been pulled over or issued a ticket in 2 years and I have been stopped 4 times since moving to California! I am not a bad driver nor do I travel at excessive speeds (usually) and I have NEVER driven a car under the influence of anything. This morning I received a ticket from the 'automated enforcement program' (aka cameras that watch and video tape you) at a stoplight where one could turn on right red of me TURNING RIGHT ON RED. It provides you to a link that shows your video. It does not however tell me how much this ticket is going to be but I have heard horror stories. There are areas of San Diego that have these cameras on every stop light in a 5 block radius. The cameras themselves are very expensive and then are also manned by employees who sit in a room and watch these videos all day long. I need to do some research to see if these cameras are actually helpful or are mainly adding to the growing amount of debt our beautiful city is in.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I am new to the world of Etsy but I am quickly learning that, much like the blogging world, it is important to branch out and make connections. I am still trying to get used to updating both regularly. I am so excited and honored that two of my items have been featured on two different blogs:

My blue scarf was featured on I Love Etsy by KnitNicoleknit

Blue Knit Scarf by likealilyamongthorns on Etsy

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And by funkydivadesigns– check out her adorable bags and wallets

It is Monday Mosaic time again! This week the colour from the Etsy sellers is pink because it is nearly Valentines Day.

I hope you like the selection this week. There are so many lovely things to choose from so it has once again turned in 12 gorgeous items!

1 SusanGreenBooks

2 especially4ubyEandT

3 deancustomdesigns

4 silverunicorns

5 flauntdesignsjewelry

6 EclecticaByJan

7 beadoutlet

8 SixSkeins

9 rulatwal

10 modestambition

11 Durhamhinny

12 likealilyamongthorns

(mine is number 12)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As this was our 6th Valentine's Day together, we tend to fore go traditional gifts and go for more unique/creative gifts. For the past year my brother and sister in law have been telling my husband that he would love this show that they watch: Dexter. The basic premise is that this man is a blood analyst who actually hunts down and kills these heinous criminals. All of a sudden it seems that everyone we know is in love with this show. Hubby hasn't show much interest in it until a few weeks ago when he looked for it at Best Buy so I thought that it would be a rather ironic gift - the first season of a show about a vengeance killer for the 'most romantic day of the year'. We have watched one and a half episodes so far and are not yet seeing the appeal . . . For anyone that watches it - does it get better or is it a show where if we are not hooked now we never will be?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Share the love

Disney is doing a 'give a day, get a day' deal this year - you do a day of service, you get a day at one of their parks and so husband and I decided to do it with the girls in our youth group. We spent all day Saturday hiking through a canyon and inspecting different man holes for tampering. It was a gorgeous day and a great way to start off the Valentine's Day weekend! I love that we were able to help the girls do something for others for Valentines while bonding with each other

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gaga Glam

I heard on the radio this morning that MAC has come out with a Lady Gaga lipstick as part of their women's health ad campaign. Guess what store happens to be across from my work downtown and guess what I most definately am going to have to go in and get tomorrow . . .

Monday, February 8, 2010

Where there’s smoke there’s fire

While I very rarely complain about the weather here in Southern California, I do occasionally miss the cool crisp weather of New England. Last night my husband made our very first fire ever and it was the perfect ending to short, busy weekend

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Grades are due tomorrow. At the end of every semester I am reminded of why I resolve at the beginning of every new semester to stay organized and up to date with all of my grading. It's going to be a long night. NOT.FUN.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And they call it puppy love . . .

I did not grow up with animals so until recently I never understood people's infatuation with their pets. About a year and a half ago we started talking about getting a dog. At first I really wanted to get a Yorkie but the prices were quite far out of our range and so I just kept on looking. I saw some advertising puppies for sale and the picture was so cute that we went to look at them. We fell absolutely in love and went back the next day to put a deposit. We had decided to get two because we both work and they could play together while we're gone ( we have a good size fenced in yard so that they can also be outside during the day)Aside from out house, these two little guys are the best investment we have ever made since we've been married. Their mom was a chow and their dad was a pug and they are just the sweetest things. While they are now too big for me to carry, my husband still carries them around our home like babies. He grew up with animals and is Dr. Doolittle when it comes to dogs. It is such fun to these two who are so affectionate and caring. They love to snuggle on the couch when I am doing school work, greet me in the morning with happy licks and trying to jump over one another while popping their heads up over the fence when they hear my car pull in. I now completely understand this thing called puppy love

Monday, February 1, 2010

And the Grammy goes to . . .

While the show itself was quiet and uneventful there were a few performances that I really enjoy. Lady Gaga opened the show and it was very tame compared to her usual performances. About half way through the show Ryan Seacrest introduced Taylor Swift and she came out to perform and was then joined by Stevie Nicks! Fleetwood Mac is one of my mom's all time favorite bands and so I grew up listening to them and Rhiannon happens to be on of my favorites. While this is not a combination I would have expected I thought it made sense. Taylor went on to win a few Grammys and her acceptance speeches were so grateful and sweet - love her or not I think she is one with an incredible story, talent, and the ability to say true to her 19 year old self in a generation full of girls that grow up far too fast

My favorite performance of the night was Pink. I didn't even know the song that she sang but a few minutes into singing her dress transformed into a swing and she sang while suspended from the ceiling with Cirque du Soleil style performers around her. There was even water! I am not one who runs out to buy her latest music but she is amazing - at the last award show she performed while on a trapeze! Pink is a rock star!