Monday, February 1, 2010

And the Grammy goes to . . .

While the show itself was quiet and uneventful there were a few performances that I really enjoy. Lady Gaga opened the show and it was very tame compared to her usual performances. About half way through the show Ryan Seacrest introduced Taylor Swift and she came out to perform and was then joined by Stevie Nicks! Fleetwood Mac is one of my mom's all time favorite bands and so I grew up listening to them and Rhiannon happens to be on of my favorites. While this is not a combination I would have expected I thought it made sense. Taylor went on to win a few Grammys and her acceptance speeches were so grateful and sweet - love her or not I think she is one with an incredible story, talent, and the ability to say true to her 19 year old self in a generation full of girls that grow up far too fast

My favorite performance of the night was Pink. I didn't even know the song that she sang but a few minutes into singing her dress transformed into a swing and she sang while suspended from the ceiling with Cirque du Soleil style performers around her. There was even water! I am not one who runs out to buy her latest music but she is amazing - at the last award show she performed while on a trapeze! Pink is a rock star!


  1. I hate that I missed pinks performance. I have heard nothing but amazing things about it.

  2. i completely missed the grammys i need to review. sounds like it was amazing i will have to check it out!