Monday, February 22, 2010


I am new to the world of Etsy but I am quickly learning that, much like the blogging world, it is important to branch out and make connections. I am still trying to get used to updating both regularly. I am so excited and honored that two of my items have been featured on two different blogs:

My blue scarf was featured on I Love Etsy by KnitNicoleknit

Blue Knit Scarf by likealilyamongthorns on Etsy

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And by funkydivadesigns– check out her adorable bags and wallets

It is Monday Mosaic time again! This week the colour from the Etsy sellers is pink because it is nearly Valentines Day.

I hope you like the selection this week. There are so many lovely things to choose from so it has once again turned in 12 gorgeous items!

1 SusanGreenBooks

2 especially4ubyEandT

3 deancustomdesigns

4 silverunicorns

5 flauntdesignsjewelry

6 EclecticaByJan

7 beadoutlet

8 SixSkeins

9 rulatwal

10 modestambition

11 Durhamhinny

12 likealilyamongthorns

(mine is number 12)

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