Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As this was our 6th Valentine's Day together, we tend to fore go traditional gifts and go for more unique/creative gifts. For the past year my brother and sister in law have been telling my husband that he would love this show that they watch: Dexter. The basic premise is that this man is a blood analyst who actually hunts down and kills these heinous criminals. All of a sudden it seems that everyone we know is in love with this show. Hubby hasn't show much interest in it until a few weeks ago when he looked for it at Best Buy so I thought that it would be a rather ironic gift - the first season of a show about a vengeance killer for the 'most romantic day of the year'. We have watched one and a half episodes so far and are not yet seeing the appeal . . . For anyone that watches it - does it get better or is it a show where if we are not hooked now we never will be?


  1. I've never watched it, but my friends are all obsessed with it!

  2. Wow! That is the most bizarre plot ever. For some reason I was under the impression that he was just a serial killer - but he actually has a profession. I've never seen it myself. :/