Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Bit of Perspective

This weekend was long and relaxing and exactly what I needed. After 4 days of headaches and stress and exhaustion, I took Friday off and it was amazing. My school is currently a battlefield between staff and administration and changes and stress and testing and I needed to just be away from it all for a day to gain some perspective. I feel awful for even complaining when I am so fortunate to have a job right now but I have come to realize that the stress from my job has entered into almost every aspect of my life and that needs to change.

I spent the weekend doing a lot of this,

plenty of this,

even more of this

made one of these

and even tried this from Heavenly Cupcakes downtown

While my dreams of supporting us while at home are larger than ever I am ready to go back tomorrow and continue to get my students ready for the state tests. I realize that I need to do what is the best for myself and my husband rather than trying to please everyone else and at the end of the day my family and health are what matter the most. I have a lot more praying to do over the next few months and I am back to work full force both at school and in other outside endeavors.

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