Sunday, December 19, 2010

Soul Food

Early this morning, after three hours of sleep last night, I hopped on a plane and flew to Rhode Island. Within an hour of landing I was at my parents house drinking coffee from Dunkin Donuts and laughing with my family. As a teacher, there are only two times through out the year that I am able to travel to see my family. Last summer I was only back for a weekend and so this is really the first time in a year that I am able to relax and enjoy my family and boy do I need it. The last three weeks of school were filled with students conferences, holiday activities, grading grading and more grading, working on my house, some awful tagging incidents at work, and multiple late night/early morning combinations. My husband is extremly supportive of my need to spend time with my family (as we live near his) and so he has always encouraged me to head east as soon as can any time that I have a break. Several of my friends will be back in the area and I am looking forward to seeing everyone, catching up on their lives, and meeting the first baby born into my circle of friends. I am blessed with a group of friends that I have stayed in touch with since high school, some since elementary school, and being home with them is always a great part of Christmas.
While I have planned out the next few days: a girls night out with some of my oldest and dearest girlfriends on Monday night, school with my dad on Tuesday (he teaches first grade) a shopping/mani/pedi/lunch date with my mom on Wednesday, and an all-day-yet-undetermined-day with my sister on Thursday, tomorrow is the beginning of my rejuvenation and relaxation. My parents are both working and my sister has school tomorrow so I have a day of lounging, a dvr full of real housewives and office episodes, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to occupy my time. A major benefit of spending time at my parents house is that I can completely relax - there are no papers calling out to me to be graded, no projects around the house to work on, and no cleaning to take care of.

Now I just need my hunny to be able to make it out here to relax with me in a few days

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