Monday, January 25, 2010

Confessions Part 1

My husband is a better cleaner then I. Of course, I do it about 10 times more often BUT when he does it my husband is fabulous. I have cleaning ADHD - I tend move room to room to room doing one area at a time - I might start in the kitchen and clean the dishes and then move to the bathrooms and clean the sink and then do a load of laundry and then put away papers in the living room and then head back to kitchen to clean the stove. My husband will stay in one area and work on that until everything is clean and sorted before moving on. He has a unique schedule at work where he work 5 days, has 5 days off, works 2 days and then has 2 days off. He was off this Wednesday through Sunday and did amazing things around our house. Our home improvements from the past 5 days include but are not limited to:

*rearranging all of the furniture in our living and dining rooms completely opening up house and creating more space

*purchasing and painting a table that folds out from the wall in our kitchen. This cleaned up the room by allowing us to get ride of this rolling cabinet in there that housed a strange collection of canned goods, plastics bags and our Kitchen Aide

*sanding, painting, and reinstalling our bedroom and closet doors

* throwing away at least 5 bags of things that we no longer need
*organizing the 'office' so it can actually start functioning as an office
*cleaning our bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms

We both love the feeling of going to bed on Sunday nights with a clean house and lunches made and starting the work week off on a good foot and a day of gorgeous sunshine here in San Diego after 5 days of rain helps too!

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  1. My husband cleans and he's so good at it!! I can't get motivated and he has me beat.

    I love a clean house too